About Us

At Pinsonneault (pronounced PEEZ-ah-no) Builders, we bring the same high standard of quality to each and every job, regardless of size. Our crews are OSHA-certified and insured, and we pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence coupled with a down-to-earth, hands-on approach.

Pinsonneault Builders is a true general contractor firm — not a construction management company. Our highly skilled, in-house crew completes all framing, roofing, sidewall, flooring, exterior trim, interior trim, painting, fabrication of built-ins, etc. That means we can stay on schedule, control quality and minimize costs better than our competition.


Our Leadership

Master builder Leon Pinsonneault (pronounced PEEZ-ah-no) began his carpentry career in Florida, where he learned to frame ocean-front homes that could withstand hurricane-force winds. That was back in 1983, and he quickly progressed from a framing carpenter to a carpentry foreman/supervisor, eventually launching Pinsonneault Builders with Michael Lahart a decade later, in 1993.

Leon has supervised large commercial projects, such as HSL on The Charles, Boston, which consists of 950,000 square feet of luxury town houses and condominiums for retirees. His main passion, however, has always been residential dwellings, and he has built numerous custom homes throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

Master builder Michael Lahart has been involved in interior design and finishes since 1987. Certified by the State of Massachusetts for Historical Restoration, Michael has overseen numerous historic renovations, including restorations of the Senate State House and the Old South Church in Boston, to name a few. Based on this expertise, Pinsonneault Builders is one of only three companies on the east coast certified in historical restoration by the Division of Capital Asset Management, which controls Historical Buildings such as the Newport Mansions.


A Winning Team

Both Leon and Michael share a commitment to excellence that’s now the cornerstone of Pinsonneault Builders. They are a “hands-on” team who always put their customers first. When you contract with Pinsonneault Builders, you’ll quickly realize that your complete satisfaction is their ultimate goal.